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Safety redefined.


Full head protection

  • Seven safety bars with Kevlar-sheet on top to enable full head protection including the jaw and teeth

Neck protection

  • Stabilisation of the cervical spine by enclosing the head and neck region within the helmet construction
  • Rotational motion upon angular impact is absorbed to
    prevent overtwisting of the head

Back protection

  • Optimal protection of the spine owing to a robust inner casing and additional back cushions 

Pretensioners for safe hold

  • Two pretensioners ensure a secure hold of the helmet construction on your head

Unique technology.


Always ready to detect a crash

  • Integrated position sensors detect the cyclist's movements at any time

Automatic trigger mechanism

  • In the event of an accident the integrated Software will instantly transmit an electric signal to the activation trigger

Protected within 0,1 sec.

  • The helmet construction will be completely expanded within 0,1 sec. after activation

Prototype Stunt Test.


Reusable system.



  • After the helmet has been expanded, restore the safety mechanism by folding the construction back into its casing
  • Keep on cycling safely

Easy to handle

  • Put on the invisibel  backpack and activate the helmet by closing the waist belt around you
  • When the system is activated you will receive an additional audio signal for confirmation


For everyday life.


Integrated in backpack

  • Never forget your helmet again
  • Smart combination of backpack & helmet
  • Additional space for all your necessary items

Ride your bike with style

  • Enjoy the freedom of cycling without needing to worry about sweating beneath a helmet or a destroyed hairstyle

Move around with ease

  • Take care of your safety wherever you go with invisibel
  • Offers reliable protection at a weight of less than 1.5 kg 

Smart features.


The invisibel  App

  • Connect your Smartphone/ Smartwatch to the invisibel system
  • Add emergency contacts - in the event of an accident your contacts will be alerted
  • Battery check - get notified when invisibel needs to be charged
  • Always up to date with the latest invisibel updates




Meet the Team

 Hello there, we are invisibel! We are a German Company from Tübingen established by a great team of 

product designers, engineers, project managers and creative students.


Together we are working with focus and excitement to bring forward

our idea of a new automatic bike helmet generation.

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Our  main office

Invisibel Helm


Technology Center

Vor dem Kreuzberg 17

72070 Tuebingen, Germany

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